Devan's Writing Space


Hi, I'm Devan and I'm your new e-pal!! This is going to be really fun. Here is some of my hobbies, softball, soccer, and riding my four-wheeler, and I love to swim. I also like to play hand games. My teachers are Mrs.Taylor, and she is my homeroom teacher and teaches reading. Another teacher is Miss Wood and she teaches science and soical studies. Last but not least Mrs.Owens is the math teacher. I am 10 years old and live in Delmar,DE. I go to school at Delmar Elementary. I have never been in the kind of family that travels so if you like people who travel I'm sorry, but I do have a great family. My dad is in construction, and loves to build cars and mess with them. My mom is a bussiness worker for University Of Delaware. And I have 2 brothers in my family. There is one thing really cool about my family though. My little brother Grady is 6 and my little cousin travis is 7. I'm 10 and my cousin is 11. My big brother Matthew is 15 and my big cousin Trevor is 16. You get it. All my cousins are 1 year older than me and my family. Maybe sometime we can chat. I've also never had a e-pal. And maybe you can type in words in Norwegian,and that could be cool because you could teach me some words in Norwegian. And if you need help when talking in english you could just ask me. Please email me back!!