Brady's Writing Space

Here is a video HELLO from Brady:


Dear Magnus O,
I am so happy you are my e-pal.My name is Brady Knight.My last name dosen't mean the night sky.It means the knight that goes to war.In my family there is Andrew,Ronnie,Mia,Cindy,Ronnie.Andrew and Ronnie are my brothers.Mia is my sister.Ronnie and Cindy are my parents.My brother and my dad have the same name.It is Ronnie.I like to ride bike,play sports, and play video games.I live in Delmar,Delaware.The state I live in is on a little island conected to the main land by a little/big path way.It is called aPennislia.I go to Delmar Elemantary.I am in the 5th grade.My teacher is Mrs.Taylor.She is a very nice teacher.I am a straight A student.I had to go throught all the grades.Since we are in different time zones.I wonder who is ahead and who is behind in time wise because when we are in school you guys are sleeping and when you guys are in school we are sleeping.Who do you live with?Please write back.What is your favorite thing to do?
Can you teach me some words in Norwegin.
My room
My room is really big.I have to share my room with my brother.The walls in my room are painted orange,blue,and white.The colors I just on my wall are the school's colors.Every year when it gets cold I have to move the beds because I have to turn on the heater.If I don't move the beds.My room would catch on fire.I have two TVs.One is big and the other is small.The big TV is broken.The small one works.I have a desk.The desk has a little cabinet.It has a couple folders on it and other stuff.I have a dresser.It has a radio on it and other stuff.Next to the big TV and behind the small TV is two shelves that has a bar under the shelves.Hanging on the bars is a bunch of hangers on it.On the hangers is some clothes.The top shelf is Andrew's.The one under it is mine.On top of the big TV is some stuff that is valueableto Andrew and I.The top of my TV is to full so we have to put a shelf above it.On that shelf is more important stuff to Andrew and I.We have to put up a gate in the doorway because my sister Mia will get into our stuff.The door is broken.Next to the dresser is a rack that holds our backpacks.I have one poster on my wall.Andrew and I have many electronics.We have two Nintendo DS's,two playststion2s, two Nitendo Wiis,Gameboy color,Gameboy advanced,and Gameboy SP. Andrew and I have tons of books.