Aubrie's Writing Space

Here is a video HELLO from Aubrie:


Hi my name is Aubrie and I am your new e-pal!! I am in Mrs.Taylors 5th grade class.Mrs.Taylor is my homeroom teacher she teaches me Reading/Language Arts,Mrs.Wood is my Science/Social Studies teacher,and Mrs.Owens is my Math teacher.My 3 different subjects are Math,Science/Social,and Reading/Language Arts.How many different subjects do you have and what are they?
I have 3 pets their names are Samantha,Sadie,and Boomer and they are very playful.How many pets do you have?I also have 6 different family members.How many family members do you have?Please write back soon.Do you have a cell phone?

Yours truly,

My Bedroom

My bedroom is awesome!! I have my own room. I have a tv in my room.I also have a radio and an alarm clock because I get up very early in the morning.My bedroom walls are pink with a border of colorful butterflies.

My Holiday Traditions

For Christmas we decorate and hang popcorn on the Christmas tree. We also like to go to all of my families' houses on Christmas morning open lots of presents, and give presents to our loved ones. Normally we decorate our bedrooms and the entire house. My family likes to go out to different places and just have fun together. At the end of the day we all lay on the couches and in our bedrooms and watch Christmas movies and read Christmas books.

your friend,