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Hi my name is Ashley and i am 9 years old it seems a little weird since i am 9 and in 5th grade.I am soppose to be in 4th but i started school early.I have 2 sisters 1 dog and 2 parents,my sisters names are karlie and angelina karlie is the oldest i am the middle child and angelina is the youngest child.My dogs name is bear he does not bite and the reasin we named him bear because he is black and almost as tall as a bear.My parents names are Melissa and lonny but i call them mom and dad.

All off my hobbies are sports and some other things.I like playing soccer and laccoss they are very active.when i go to middle school i would like to play feild-hocky i also like ridding the rip stick, skate-bord and i like ridding bikes

Hello, Ashley
I am Soria
I am 10 years old. My birthday is February, 24th.
I live with my mum and dad and little sister.
I like gymnastics and dancing.
We have a dog and a cat. Dog is Ulla and cat is Sheavas

From your friend Soria

My Bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Soria
My room is amazing I share the upstiars with my younger sister Angelina.The upstiars has a hallway then the bathroom then you walk a little farther then thats the livingroom with the tv sofa chair then there is my computer.Then there is my room it is very big and split in half so me and my sister can have are own room.My sister karlie sleeps down stairs because she is a diabetic an if her suger gets low she will not fall down the stairs.

My Christmas Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!
For my christmas holiday we get a christmas tree and then we deorate it the next day. We also go to the store and we get each other christmas presants for each other. My family also comes and vists us at my house or my family and i go and vist them up at their houses.Also at my house we get 1 presant early. My family and i always do something special on christmas but it is different every year. I go to my neigbors house also on christmas after i opean my presants and my sister comes to and if there is a good amount of snow we go sleiding and play in the snow.
Ashley Arter