Andrew's Writing Space

Here is a video HELLO from Andrew:


Dear Magnus,

My name is Andrew Knight .I have a brother named Ronnie who is 13 years old,a sister named Mia who is 2 years old,I also have a twin brother named Brady who is 10 years old, he is writing to Magnus O. I have a dad named Ronnie like my brother. I also have a mom named Cindy.I live in Delmar,Delaware and go to Delmar Elementary School in 5th grade.My teacher's name is Mrs.Taylor.She teaches reading,languange,and spelling.My math teacher's name is Mrs.Owens.My other teacher's name is Miss Wood she teaches
science and socialstudies My favorite subject is science. At your scool do you havelunch and recess?How long is your school day.
What is your favorite food?o you have band classes at your shcool?Write back please.

Dear Andrew.
I am Magnus Stiansen. I am your friend.
I like break dance i can:freeze, headspinn, and other moves...
I like to ride my bike and dirt jump.


I love my bedroom!

walls and the cieling and carpet;one wall is blue,one is orange,and the cieling and two other walls are white.
furniture:there is 2 beds one for me and one for my brother who writes to Magnus O.there is one big dresser for both of are clothes it's brown.

electronics:Nintendo WII,Plastation 2,Nintendo DS,and Gameboy SP.
That is why I love my bedroom

MY Holiday Traditions[christmas]

On Christmas Day in the morning we open 2 presents. Then we go to chuch. When I get home I open all my other presents.
But before we do all that we go to my mom-mom's house for presents and food. Next I will probably play with the toys I got.

My family also comes over to my house.Every year we have a gift exchange.