Amna's Writing Space

Here is a video HELLO from Amna:


Hellow i am your e-pal Amna. I am so happy that we got to have e pals .Right know your going to learn alittle about me. I have 2 older siblings and their names are Ali and Ayza, they are mean to me but sometimes they could be nice. I dont show that i love them but i know deep deep deep deep deep down i love them.I love to play sports my favorites are basketball, soccer,and soft ball.i played basketball for 2 years and i played soft ball for 3 years. I wish you could come and visit america because it is very nice. Me and all my classmates are wondering if you can right some Norwegian words and right english words under them and explain what you wrote. I forgot to tell you my favorite food its ice cream, pizza, and candy. We all live in Delmar, Maryland. I have a few questions for you. 1. Did you ever visit America? 2. whats your favorite food. i am looking foward to you writing back.

My Room

I love my room it is so cool. It has white walls and a queen size bed the bed is wooden. i have a big desk that i do my homework and color on i love that desk. I also have 2 big windows that are beside my bed. my mattress is very soft and its white also. My comforter is the color blue and i change it very often and do different colors. i have a pillw that i mostly use and its sighned by all my old school friends since i just moved here. i liked it their alot but i'mem getting use to here. i also have a table that i put my books and different stuff in it. I also have a big mirror and ifront of that i have another big desk were i do my hair and brush it. my bathroom is right next to my room and it is big. i hope you tell me alot about your room please write me back soon.


When christmas time come around i love it because you get a lot of presents and you decorate your house. My family celebrates christmas by putting up a christmas tree and on christmas morning opening them together. I think the best part about christmas is giving stuff to people and getting presents. One of the traditions we do is drink hot choclate on christmas eve. i think christmas is an awsome holiday and i enjoy it alot. For christmas i want a knew DS, psp, a moter scooter , amna more stuff. Can you tell me what you want? Another holiday i like is halloween you might not celebrated but some people over here do. On halloween you dress up as different people and you go door to door with a parent and they give you candy. I want to send you a present but i think norway is to far away but maybe it could happen please write back soon.